Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clinica Nutricion y Vida

The court yard at Clinica Nutricion y Vida.  My dad above and the courtyard below.

 Our room from across the courtyard.  We are on the first floor.

Saying goodbye.  My mom left early as she had to get back home.  I am staying with my dad and helping him while we are here.

The view out from the security gate.

The kitchen.

The clinic office is below the rooms.

Our room was one of the nicest.  We were first in line for the hot water so we didn't have the issues of temp changes while in the shower. :-)  Our room was also the biggest.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3rd Night in Mexico

Well, it's the 3rd night. Dad is as he says, in some ways feeling better and in some ways feeling worse. There is the thing called the "healing response" that often seems like a bad reaction but when it passes remarkable healing and health have occured. :-) For example, dad broke his thumb playing football many decades ago in highschool. (yep, they had them back then ;-) Yesterday, his thumb hurt so bad he could hardly move it. Today, it was feeling quite a bit better and the Dr.s smiled and said that his thumb was healing and would be much better.

I guess scars flare up, get sore, and then completely disapear! I can tell I'm going to be in a lot of pain when I do the therapy. :-S I've broken many bones and had many injuries in my short life.

I can already see the difference in my dad physically. He's looking better and better. Still a long way to go, but "even the longest journey begins with a step". Those ancient Chineese were no dumbies. ;-)

I like how Dr. Pedro said today that cancer is not the end game, it's just a very serious disease that needs treatment. (Dad is talking to mom, lights are out, going to bed, and asking her what she thinks about his scares, mom is saying they look good. Dad is talking about how he is feeling better and yet not as mentioned above.) I also learned that carrots are used to clean the soil of toxins and then sold off cheap as food to the US! Carrots are so good at pulling out the toxins that they use them to prepare the soil for planting the next crop! Is it any wonder why carrots are a major part of the Gerson Therapy.

Well, it's late and I need my sleep. My poor wife is all alone without her husband to keep her warm. Her poor husband misses his wife too.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

First Night in Mexico

Well, here we are in Tijuana at the Gerson Clinic. The Dr.s are quite funny as well as very knowledgable and the Nurses (your welcome Angela) are very friendly and helpful.

I just learned tonight that the Gerson Diet causes a person to become about 85% alkaline! That's very exciting since cancer cannot survive in a person who is 80% alkaline or higher. That's why water ionizers are not needed for the Gerson Therapy. I've been wondering about this fact for over a month now and it's really great to finally have any answer!

I suppose I should start at the begginning though. My dad has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and the US Dr.s have written him off. After they were not able to do the pancreatic surgery, they regretfully said it was only a matter of time. (While that fact is still true, what they were thinking of timeline wise and what God is doing are two totally different things!)

So, with research and God's direction, My dad and I came across the Gerson info at about the same time. I saw the documentary, "The Gerson Miracle" and thought, wow! My dad was reading a book written by Suzane Summers (yes I know) and in her interviews many Dr.s were referring to this Gerson diet as a basis from which they were working from, having made there own changes to it.

My dad's thought was, why not go to the horses mouth. So he called me to see if I could do some research for him on this Gerson thing and it was an answer to a prayer of mine. I had been praying that dad would be open to looking into the Gerson Therapy and I was so excited when he started asking me about it. :-) I told him I havd a DVD I wanted him to watch and very soon we were visiting my parents in MI and watching the DVD.

So, here we are now in Mexico at the only Gerson Clinic in N. America. So many things have led us up to this point. I am so looking forward to the results, not only for my dad but for me as well. I've been looking at the therapy for metabolic diseases and will be starting the therapy once I return to Chicagoland.

I'm hoping that as my wife does the therapy as well, we will be able to have children. What a blessing that would be!

So, my dad and I are here for 2 weeks and my mom for 1. We are learning all about everything we need to do for my dad. As a said bonus, I'm learning all about what I need to do for myself as well.

The food is all organic and very specific as to the vegitables and fruits that we can eat. It's really good stuff. The documentary "The Gerson Miracle" does a great job of laying out what the treatment does and what is envolved with the treatment if anyone wants to know more. It can be found at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+gerson+miracle+full+movie&oq=the+gerson&aq=1&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=1&gs_upl=3969l6203l0l8422l10l8l0l2l2l1l235l1125l0.2.4l6l0

I am very much looking forward to seeing my wonderful wife again and enjoying our new found health together. My wife is such a blessing and an amazing woman. She's still back home getting everything ready for when I come back.

Thank you Eiko. :-)