Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heading Home

Well, it's been a wonderful trip to Japan. I'm sad to be leaving. It's been great getting to know Eiko's family. I wish we weren't so far apart and it was easier to spend time with them. It makes the time we do have very special indeed. I could easily see myself living here, of course then I'd be in the same situation with my family.

Today we gave Eiko's parents the "Passion of the Christ" movie and the Magna Bible we brought for them. We had a great talk with Eiko's mom about Christianity and what it means. It's a very simple thing really that is often made very complicated. We talked a bit with Eiko's dad too and trust in the working of the Holy Spirit.

If you feel prompted, please pray for Eiko's mom's hands and right ear. She said her hands were feeling better after we prayed but she still can't hear out of her right ear. I'm asking for a miracle as evidence in her life that God is at work with her.

Many blessings and thanks for the prayers and support,



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