Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What A Splendid Day

Ah the weather today was simply amazing. :-)  The sky was littered with clouds that were pregnant with rain yet still allowing sufficient sunlight through to create the incredible effect that it did today.  I love days like this because the colors are so rich and deep.  On really sunny days everything is so bright and surfacy, but on days like this, the colors run rich and deep with impressive hue.  The sky itself was suffused with deep colors.

Sadly, no camera made could do justice to what the eye beheld today.  The greens were dark and rich, the yellows bright but deep, the reds were robust and bold, and the blues, well the blues were engulfing and captivating.  The white rocks on the peaks and sides of the mountains were not just white but rather shades of being, creating a dancing life that no canvas or instrument of man could replicate.

Yes, today was an absolutely beautiful day.  I’m just glad I took the time to notice, though it wasn’t hard to do.  It was as if life itself stopped for a day to play in the joy of what creation was meant to be.  The peace and rest that it imparted to me and my spirit was something that almost could be breathed in.  I’m so glad God created with us in mind, I think He really did do quite a splendid job. :-)  Of course I think my opinion matters little to that which He said Himself, … and it was good.  Yes God, I have to agree.

As an added treat to the beauty of the day, Seoul was actually without the smoggy haze that is in constant state.  One could actually see for quite the distance in any given direction.  What a rare occurrence that is, especially these days with the yellow dust bombarding us from China.  What a splendid day in deed.

Me :-)