Saturday, March 27, 2010

Golden Temple

So here is a short but funny story. :-)

Eiko and I were at a pretty famous place here in Japan near Kyoto, (where Nijo Castle is). Like most public restrooms here, the bathrooms have cold water only and no soap or towels or hand dryers in them. It was pretty much the same for me in S. Korea. This public restroom was even worse. I did at least have cold water to wash my hands with. As I was walking back up the stairs towards Eiko I overheard to caucasian women talking.

The first woman apparently had just returned from the women's bathroom and was more than disgruntled as she reported to the second woman. All I heard was, "there's no toilet paper at all just a hose on the ground!" Well, lets just say that I'm glad as a man I don't need toilet paper to empty my bladder.

So, back to the pics. :-) It was a rainy day but it was still a good one. As such, I only took a few shots with my nicer camera and mostly used Eiko's smaller one. Sadly, I had forgotten to take the date stamp off from the last time I used it to document some things. :-P None the less, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Like us, this crane simply was staying out the rain. Wasn't a whole lot going on. We did see it bob for a fish once though. You can't tell from the photo but there is a roof covering the bridge and out over the crane as well.

This "Golden Temple" was actually a home for a wealthy lord or at one time. It was then taken over as a summer home by one of the emperors I think. Eventually it was donated and turned into a Temple.

We weren't allowed to go in but from some of the pics I've seen the floors are covered in a black lacquer. The walls are covered in a gold foil and the reflections both inside from the floors and outside on the water are quite impressive. Doesn't take much light inside to light it up!

If you google it you can find out more info. I'm sorry that I don't have it all together. It's 11:30 pm here and I need to get to bed. We are going to a Japanese Church tomorrow. :-) I'm quite excited!


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