Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stress to Rest in our Faith

I have just finished typing out probably the hardest sermon I have ever worked on and I've had a few doozies over the years. It wasn't until just a few minutes ago when I typed in a few last thoughts that I have felt peace in two weeks. I've been thinking about it and chewing it over and over and over in my mind. The problem is that it's such a HUGE! topic and I have 1/2 hour in which to preach it in. :-P This could easily be a 4 part sermon series or more but it is what it is and I have been given the time that I have.

May you use me Father, may I speak faithfully and true. May it not be the thoughts of Ken, but may your Spirit speak through me. May the people hear what you have for them not just what I'm saying. Speak to us Father, live in us Jesus, guide us into all truth Holy Spirit! Have your way within us!

I picked up some great lines from another blog I came across from Matthew McDonald.

Overcomers may fail…but they try again.
Overcomers may get knocked down…but they get back up.
Overcomers may lose the battle…but they win the war.
Overcomers may suffer some set backs…but they rise up and recover all.
The Bible does not call us survivors, it calls us overcomers.
The Bible does not call us just a conquer…but it calls us more than a conquer.

How very well said. It was a posting on some of his thoughts on Prov 24:16, for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again...

Interesting note about the Jewish mindset of 7, it is not just 7 times, but going well beyond. When the disciples asked Jesus about forgiveness, the standard thought and teaching was that you would forgive someone 3 times and that was being very gracious. So the disciples thought they were saying something pretty hefty by suggesting forgiving 7 times. And Jesus knocks it out of the park when he say, 70x7, ad infinitum! What I wouldn't give to see the looks on their faces. :-)

Well, it's late and for the first time in several weeks, I have peace. Oh how nice it is. To be sure, I had peace, was feeling good in the Lord, but still my heart carried this pregnancy. It would be like the giving birth feeling and the after effect of feeling light and free. :-)

Thank you Jesus for your empowering amazing awe inspiring love and for your incredible faithfulness. May your servant be a blessing to you.




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