Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Morning in Japan!

Good Morning!

Well, Eiko and I finally made it to our hotel after traveling for nearly 24 hours. Exhausticated was a good word to describe our condition. Exhausted but excited. We had a great nights sleep after a couple of wonderful showers and the room we have is pretty nice. It's even got an air purifier in it. :-)

Now it's the first morning and we are getting ready to head out and hit some museums and yes, some very old castles that were strategic during the Shogun era. I can hardly wait! (I want to buy a Samurai Sword but me wife won't hear of it!)

So, I have to keep this blog post very brief. Now it's my turn in the bathroom to get ready and then out the door. It's nice to have things to blog about again. :-)



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