Thursday, March 10, 2005

ha ha ha

I'm sitting here in class at Lila at my computer. :-) Today they are having class elections, so I'm not sure if I will have my last class here today or not. Yesterday, I sat in my class wondering where everyone was and thinking, "am I in the right place?" They were having speeches by the students running for office. No one told the poor English Teacher though! Eventually someone came in and told me what was going on.

..... This just in. My class has been canceled. To bad. I'm sick right now, so a break is a good thing. As mentioned before, I teach at Lila, then it's back to the Institute for even more classes. I need sleep. I've been up late working on class materials. Poor poor Ken. No CLASS! I'm going to take a nap. zzzzzz....


At 4:38 AM, Blogger Switchfoot said...

First of all thanks for your comment.
Jesus was sent to our world by God to help us how can we be perect and get in felicity.
Jesus is a PROPHET, and a RESOURCE to communicate with God
He teached us how to talk to God and told us who created us.
but you know God is only one who give us life and what we want.
I know "emptiness" was given to me to know something i never knew before.
So it's useful and it makes me understand secret realities.
I wish you understand what i said
Dear Ken,thank you for your pretty comment.

At 2:52 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

Glad to see that you came back to my blog.

I know what you are saying about Jesus, but have you thought of this. He Himself called Himself God. That was one of the reasons that the religeous leaders wanted to kill him. It wasn't just His followers that were saying He was God, He Himself said it.

So, He is much more than a prophet. He is the only way to get to God the Father. He is the only way our sins can be forgiven.

I agree with you that emptiness is given to us so that we can know secret things. The biggest secret thing to know is Jesus.

My email address is if you would like to talk in a more proficient way.

Thanks for your comments.



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