Friday, February 25, 2005

Another Week Gone

Well, I'm combing to the close of another week. Next week will be a huge challenge for me as I start teaching at Lila Elementary. The school gets it's name from the school founders daughter. Her name is Lila. From what Mr. Lee was telling me, her father was very rich, and he wanted his daughter to go to a private school. Things didn't work out at one place, so he started a school himself.

The school is celebrating it's 40th year and they are rebuilding many rooms and aspects of the school. My room is brand new, or newly remodeled. I saw it just the other day. I'll have a brand new desk and chair, bulletin board, computer and printer, walls and floor. Wow! Guess who the administrator is. Yep, Lila herself. She's a pretty nice lady and she's really looking forward to my being there. I'm in for long days though. Time to kick it into high gear.

Mr. Lee told me that if I want to work more, he'll pay me overtime. Hmmmm. I told him I'd have to wait and see how I handle what I already have. I'll be working from 9 am till 7 or 8 every night already. Not sure I want to take on more.

Welp, my weekend is just starting. Your's is yet to come. I'm going to bed.



At 10:50 AM, Blogger Darren B said...

"Well, I'm combing to the close of another week."

Greetings Ken,

I enjoyed the dictionary lesson on "ton". Here's one for combing.

1 entries found for combing.
To move a comb through (the hair) so as to arrange or groom: She is combing her hair with a comb

(It's a green-weakness - I just can't resist... sorry).

In any case. It would be a little intimidating to work at Lila school and report to Lila herself. Yikes.

If you teach from 9am to 8pm, does that mean that the students are there until 8pm. Hmmm. That seems like a major bummer.

That also begs the question, if Mr. Lee is offering overtime, where is he finding the students to come to school after 8pm? There must be some pretty serious demand for English...

I've worked 10 hour days (four days a week) before - it's not easy. Profitable? Yes. Easy? No.

Nice to hear about the pleasant working conditions, although managing 30 students that don't speak your language (yet) won't be easy - even _with_ a new computer!

Enjoy your weekend (hey, could you work OT on the weekend? A couple hours a day might be an option).

Hey, another question for you -- how do you plan to make friends there? It's tough to play Catan without people that you like.

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, there are students here until 9:00 pm. On a school night even. Several of the students come 5 days a week. Not all, but several.

Thanks for clearing up the combing thing. I have been so confused for such a long time. It was really starting to hurt my gums and teeth.

The only classes that I teach, and that are offered, on Saturday are free. We only use the bible to teach from. There are 12-13 regular attendies for these saturday classes.

I need to go brush my teath now instead of my hair.


At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Teresa said...

I'm curious. How exactly do you teach English to Koreans that don't know English, taught by an American who doesn't know Korean? Also, will said Korean students learn English spelling skills from said American teacher?

At 2:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya ya ya. Whatever! ppttthhhhbbb!

The students that I'm teaching already know some english. Though sometimes not very much. I act many things out. By the time I come back, I'll be an expert in sharades.

As per the spelling, I have a book with me at all times that I can use and I go to if need be. Most of the words are pretty simple though. Not to much trouble.

Bla bla bla


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