Friday, May 13, 2005

Compliments :-S

With all of the comments my last post has received, I almost don't want to ruin it by making another post. Ah well, the fun has to end some time.

I received a compliment the other day. One that leaves me not so enthused. I have been given the hardest class to teach behavior wise in the institute. The teacher that was teaching them has had it and is ready to go postal on them. So, they gave them to me figuring I could handle them. It's really not a problem, but I am also teaching the 2nd or 3rd worst class already. (They just recently were given to me.) I just don't have the energy for it right now. blahh.

What makes it even worse is, to give me this class they took away my most fun and easiest class to teach, Ester, the directors daughter. 1/4 of the time she is too busy to come, so I get to go home early :-), and when she does come, her English is so good we can actually talk about stuff. The book that I ordered for this class was mostly a conversational book on many different topics. After reading and talking about stuff, we would play scrabble. But not any more. Poor poor Ken. :-P

Now, I'm dealing with 3 students that don't want to even be in class, one student who really wants to learn and is frustrated, and two students that are polite, but don't try very hard. Thankfully they have just moved the one student who wants to learn into a different class. At least I don't have to deal with his frustration which is ligit and well placed.

So, like I said, I have been given a compliment. Not always fun though eh. As it is, I'm looking past the initial difficulties and focusing on the future and a class that has vastly improved.

To makes things better in the class, I had them order a different book today. The one that they are using is way over their heads. Two of the students have already completed the book, but you would never know that unless you were told, which I was. The book that we will be using is much more to their level, so I think things will be a bit better. Now that I have this new book coming, I'm actually gaining some energy for their class. I just know that for the first few weeks it's going to be a big battle as they learn who is indeed, in-charge of the classroom.

By the way, the 3rd worst class, is now doing much better. It's not such a battle anymore and we are starting to have fun. Or at least I am and I guess that's the most important thing isn't it. Fun is contagious just like anything else.

Well, ... I was going to say, "may your compliments be far less challenging", but I can't because I think I would be robbing you of a blessing. So instead I think ..., may each new compliment and challenge be met with the faith and integrity that are yours. May you continue to grow in and savor (savour :-), each new opportunity no matter how big or small and may the truly important things in life be yours.



At 7:29 AM, Blogger Sylvie said...

You're not telling me that you have 3 students total in the one class and that THAT is a challenge are you? :)))

Here in Canada, some of us have 32 students in a classroom. Not that I'm complaining. I'm actually really enjoying THIS challenge. You're right Ken. We often receive challenges that end up being the best, most fulfilling learning and growing experiences of our lives. I am just realizing this year how truly blessed I am to have been carefully put in this profession. Thank you GOD!!!!!

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Darren B said...

Henry Ford said something along the lines of "if you think you can, or you think you can't.... you're right".

Yoda once said (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away): "Try not! Do or do not. There is no 'try'"

Same idea - I like Yoda's wording better.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Greg Kelway said...

Darren ... do you always think like that? With all the quotes and stuff.

It's scarey... LOL

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous me said...

I think a collection of sage (spelling?) quotes would be a delightfull addition to our community. I'll create a blog post just for that. Good idea.

Sylvie, tsk tsk tsk. I have 5 students not 3 in the 2nd worst class, and 4 in the worst class. Now, I also teach classes all day long with 30-35 students each. The classes at the accadamy are the hardest one's to teach.

The students have been going to school all day, have gone ot one accadamy already, be it tae kwon do or music or english (some students attend 2 or 3 english accads). By the time I see them, they really don't want to be here. Their parrents want them here, but they on the other hand.

I would rather teach at Lila than at the accad. The students are more fun and not as tired. Some of my accad students are really delightful, but when everything is basicly one on one and you have some students with bad bad attitudes, 50 mins can be a long time.

Ok, I think I have adequately explained myself. If not, to quote angelapan, "stick it". :-P


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Sylvie said...

OUCH! OK OK You've got it tougher! :))) Just was curious about your whole situation. Now I'm very grateful that I'm here at St-Thomas d'Aquin!

Darren - very wise and very right! I think I like Yoda's much better too. Concise and to the point.

Have a great day guys! :)


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