Saturday, February 19, 2005

My Class

Well, here is a long awaited entry. My Class. They are really great kids. It is really interesting at times to try to communicate. Body language is a very helpful tool. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing sharades. My students are very delightful, sometimes trying, but full of energy and laughter. It's hard to tell when they are just being kids who really don't want to be in school, (I can certianly relate. I hated being in school as a kid too.) or simply being really confused with what is going on in the class room. Most times it's easy to identify, but sometimes it's really tricky. One has to be extremely patient and not quick to react. I caught myself a couple of times. It's good to remember that if you become impatient, and it's because they don't understand, they will be afraid of you and you might as well forget getting any participation from them. There are times though, that it's fairly obvious that they just don't want to cooporate. They are after all, just kids. I don't let them get away with it though. :-)

As you can see in some of the pics, they are quite camera shy. It was a challenge at times getting a good shot. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Enjoy the pics,



At 4:42 PM, Blogger Darren B said...

So, do you have that many different classes, or did you just group them together from fewer classes (there seemed to be 8 or 10 different pictures - if each is a class, then the class size is quite small).

Thanks for the pictures, now we're looking forward to funny stories (like where the language barrier got the better of you and something funny happened...)

At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Me said...

Yes, those were individual classes. That's of our selling points. We have small classes and a lot of one on one time with the students. In bigger classes, the students don't learn as much. I think many institutes are like this. I could be wrong, but that's my impression.


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