Sunday, November 13, 2005

My class room. They look like little angles don't they :-) Liars are what they are! Just kidding. They are wonderful little kids. I luv em and have way too much fun. ;-) Posted by Picasa


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Al Menezes said...

Nice group of kids for a nice guy like you to teach. Is the school yard all artficial turf?

Nancy says hi, and to give your self a squeeze for her.

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous me said...

:-) Tell Nancy I said thanks. Her arms are much stronger than I remember. :-P

Turf, no. It's mostly made up of a 1/2" heavy rubber mat. Just the far side has artificial turf under which I think is cement or asphalt.

The playground itself is really small considering there are close to a thousand students at this school. It's almost unreal because no where near that many students play on the play ground. They are spread out all over the place. Behind the Lila building is another parking lot for the high school where there are many more basketball nets. With this and several levels for the children to run rampant on, they go nuts. :-)

At 11:10 PM, Blogger mrx65 said...

So am I banned now that you know who I am? :) At the risk of being tossed mercilessly from this blog, I must confess something... I have been reading from the start but got a bit behind and just caught up the last 5-6 months 2 weeks ago. I never knew there were soo many topics that could be crammed into a single blog. For example, but diffinitely not limited too, a phone book (from May/June). :) I will take the dangerous step and agree with your explaination of acupuncture. Not sure if it is right, but it sounded good. :)
How's the back doin?

I know why you're so mad about the small play ground... you have to share with the kids. That's why they gave you the "bad" kids so they would a fighting chance against you. :)

You hear about the nasty weather in Indiana? I left the Indy about 1-2 hrs before it rolled thru. Did your family get anything?
They had a weather forcast for that day just after (notice after) the line of storms rolled thru. I quote the annoucer, "cloudy, high of 48, breezy, rainy, hail, and scattered tornados." :) I just about lost it. Just too funny! He said it like tornados are an everyday thing there. :) I heard the news on another station. They pushed everything together to save time and it sounded like this, "A large storm front moving across US from North Dakota to Tennesse with snow in the north and tornados in the south. Proformance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated. :)

I had one last thing that is too funny not too post. My truck brokedown at night and I called a shop. They didn't do road side work so they gave me another number. A woman answered but she didn't sound like she worked for them so I assumed that she was the service guy's wife and asked if this was the after hrs phone. She didn't say anything so I thought, here's where you know trouble is close at hand :), she was one of the workers after all and asked "Can I have service" Short for can you hook me up with the service dept. but all she heard was me asking for "service" and all I got was a loud CLICK!! :)

Hey a little note about people putting ads on your blog. You can delete them.

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous me said...

mr. x

yes, life does get interesting at times. i bet you got a good laugh out of the truck thing. as to the "mad about the play ground" i really don't know what you mean??? adds, yes, when i find them i delete them.

i'm glad you have been enjoying the many comments that people have made as much as i have. :-)

At 5:40 PM, Blogger mrx65 said...

Ya big lol's in the blog. Great idea to set it up.
The playground thing was me joking with you that you "want" your play space too. In reality you probably slam the door behind them after they have stampeed out the door and lock it tight. :)


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