Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pretty Historic

This is a post that I've been waiting a long time to make. Mostly because I knew it would take so long. Shortly after arriving here in Seoul, we celebrated the Chinese New Year. During this time, Mr. Lee, my employer, took me to a prehistoric site.

Now I have always wanted to see such a place. Think about it. How long has this place been around. People lived and died thousands of years ago, and I'm standing in the exact place that so many people had so many years ago. I guess if you don't get it, I can't explain it. It's just amazing to see how we humans used to live. And the reality is, it's not that much different from the way we live today. Would they be any different from us if they lived today. Exactly. We just live a little easier and cushier. We don't have to spend the majority of our time on survival.

Anyway, this is not a blog on anthropology and sociology. I guess for me, I love history, anthropology, sociology, and other sciences so much that the idea of actually going to a prehistoric site is well, pretty darn cool. I'm always amazed at how smart God created us humans to be. They weren't stupid by any means. Neither are we, though some make it difficult to believe. :-P

So, enjoy the pics. I had to come all the way to Seoul in order to actually see a sight like this. I've been to ancient ruins in the South, which was pretty cool, but this is even older. This is prehistoric baby! Ya.



At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Darren B said...

BTW - the photos look fine on Saturday, I don't think you have any editting to do.

The site looks like it would have been pretty cool to visit. Sherry and I visited some Mayan ruins in Mexico that were pretty cool, but they were just from a couple hundred years ago, not a couple thousand. Wow.

Thanks for the pics. Looking forward to seeing something more modern (like _your_ appartment, say).

At 2:44 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

Yes yes, I've been thinking about that. Need to post some pics of my appartment. I should do it after laundry day. I have clothes hanging all over the place. The dryer doesn't actually dry the clothes. Just warms them up a bit.

I hope you knew I was only joking on the shut up thing. I was affraid after I had posted it that some one may be hurt or offended. But it was too late. I was laughing when I wrote it if that counts for anything.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger John & Kathy said...

Wow, I can only imagine what it must have been like to be at that place!! So much history, so many lives come and gone, so many stories! It must have been quite the experience. The picturew are amazing Ken - good job! And, I agree with Darren - I'd love to see pictures of your apartment - especially if you can take a picture when it's actually clean!!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Al Menezes said...

I'm sure you do, do your share of the cleaning Ken. Of course you're the only one there. No roomies....

At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Me said...

Well, for me the place is actually pretty clean. Now, we just wont compair it to what my mother would do. I vacume on a semi daily basis. I clean my toilet at least once a week, when I'm in the shower (refer to one of the first blogs :-) and I keep my dishes cleaned up. I don't like it all messy. Gross!

But, yes but, I do have clothes hanging here and there. I don't have a closet or a dresser, so, the little couch that was there becomes both. I have a rack that I hang all of my shirts on, except for those that are folded, and my pants go in a crate. My other clothes, socks and undies, are on the bottom of the clothes rack. It has a little grate thing along the bottom wich works well for allowng these things to dry. Why bother folding them and puttin them away?! I'm just going to use them soon anyway and who cares if they are wrinkled. They are out of the way and not underfoot.

My dirty clothes go in a hamper. So, all in all, I'd say I'd make a wonderful husband. :-) Any takers. Ha ha ha. Ok, forget I said anything. I shutter to think what comments shall be tossed or thrown at me. lol

My appartment is so small. I can't immagine two people living in a place like this. Talk about intamite settings. What would you do if you got mad at each other. Yikes. Go to your seperate corners and come out nicely. Oh, and one other thing. Theres no exaust fan in the bathroom. So, if someone makes a depostit, everyone would get to enjoy it. Yuk!!!

How's your lunch today Darren. :-0 LOL



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